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The inauguration of the temporary structure of the Medicine, built with funding from the Civil Protection of the Pian de Contro de Amandola, appears to have reached a turning point. A very complex issue that kept the administration, Fasta 4 district and Marche district occupied for several months, and also sparked controversy between residents and political forces in the territory. It appears that after the numerous checks made by the parties concerned regarding the certificates and finally the testing of the structure, it was possible to open the structure in the form of a loan for use prepared by the Amandola administration for the Fasta 4 region. As we have been arguing for months, the provisional medicine was ready and answered all the necessary testimonies, a question about which the director of “Area Vasta 4 Grinta” finally agreed. The news has a double value, on the one hand there are no more obstacles to the opening of the structure, and on the other hand there is Finally a chance to bring back the Department of Amandola Medicine which was moved to Murri di Fermo following the 2016 earthquake at its official residence, Amandola. The structure is ready, the furnishings are there, there are no more obstructions, so I hope this indispensable service will be restored As soon as possible, not only for Amandola but for the entire mountain region.”

Alessio Karasay

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