The Great Revolution: How Uno changed Fiat

Fiat One Revolution – In 2023, you will pass the first 40 years (here Read More), but the revolution he unleashed Fiat Uno It’s more modern than ever. service vehicle project which in 1983 he have Projected fiat in the futureThe footprint, the voice of industrial innovations, a critical turning point in the way an automobile was conceived, developed and produced, inspired a beautiful video story (minimum) filled with historical films and photos in which Roberto Giolito (former head of Fiat Style and current head of FCA Heritage, recreates the Stellantis Group division dedicated to protecting and promoting the brands of Fiat, Lancia, Abarth and Alfa Romeo) more innovative aspects.

Why was UNO so revolutionary? – To find out, just scroll through the records associated with the bestseller from the Turin house, almost sold out 9 million samples At the turn of the eighties and nineties. For the model with which it will replace the 127, Fiat is making an unprecedented economic and industrial effort, with investment monster equals approx 1 trillion From the old lira and commissioning, for the first time in its history, the crucial stages of assembly, starting from welding, to Robot. This translates to greater precision in the couplings between the fixed and moving parts of the body, and allows fewer components to be used, with significant advantages in terms of constructive simplicity and production times.

Robot dance – The spearhead of the robotic revolution carried out by Fiat responds to the name Robogate. It’s sophisticated production system It was designed by Comau, a subsidiary of Turin Group, a leader in the automation sector, and is based on a system spot welding for each part of the vehicle. It was first used at the Rivalta assembly plant for Ritmo, then it was also adopted at the Mirafiori and Cassino plants. On the Fiat UnoRobots, in particular, operate by the dozens, with tasks ranging from individual stages to assembly body panelswelding and painting. This greatly improves production quality and uniformity.

Style and geometry – revolution Fiat Uno It is not just limited to production related aspects. The gear change that in the 1980s allowed such an important leap to modernity for the Turin giant begins in the early stages of design, where the work on the drawing board was combined for the first time with what was done on CAD and in the factory. This leads to more effective and systematic communication between departments Style and geometryis managed by a single department able to communicate with external suppliers, starting with Italdesign in Moncalieri, where the car’s design was born.

Design works – Design that responds to a very specific concept, functional design, really pioneering at the time. Thanks to a roof above average for the class, the cabin Fiat Uno Very well ventilated, and on board, with drip elimination made possible by ceiling welding With the side through the famous “arches”, even the tallest enter without any difficulty. But one constitutes a New reference point Also for the body style, rational and elegant, with the large roof attached to a low, sloping hood and the windows completely flush with the body.

The first car has fire – Last but not least, the engine. there Fiat Uno It is, in 1985, the first model of the Turin house to adopt fire engine (short for Fully Integrated Robotized Engine), which debuted on the Autobianchi Y10 and has been produced for 35 years, in over 23 million units. By abandoning the archaic drivetrain and rocker arm in favor of a more modern distribution with an overhead camshaft, the engineers achieved savings of up to 95 components. The new engine, assembled almost entirely by highly advanced robots in a specially created detachment at the Termoli factory, is 69 kg lighter, which makes it more reliable and silent than previous engines.

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