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The government gives laptops to students, but they are infected with malware

The UK has begun offering nearly 1 million laptops to UK schools and families. Unfortunately, many of the delivered laptops were infected with old Russian malware.

The United kingdom Endorsed a plan to support less affluent families in the era of online education. Something wrong happened (too): some of laptop Delivered to schools infected with B. Malware From 2012.

In these hours, the British authorities are investigating the accident, and we do not know the true extent of the accident. For now, we know the accident was going to happen at Bradford School, as the BBC writes. This anomaly was reported by the school’s teachers, who had noticed some suspicious files. Additional analysis revealed that the laptops did contain known malware since 2012.

The UK government announced that it had launched an investigation to understand the nature and extent of the accident.

We have launched an investigation that, at this point in time, resolving this issue as soon as possible is our first priority. We believe that the problem is limited and not widespread nationwide

A spokesman for the Ministry of Education said.

The virus on laptops is known by name Gamaro 1: Discovered & Prosecuted by Microsoft in 2012.

Thursday, January 21, 2021 – 15:05

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