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The Google submarine cable between the US and Europe is ready: it travels at 250 terabits / s

Through prof A post posted on the Google Cloud BlogThe search giant said it was happy to announce this Dunant Submarine Cable, Which connects Virginia Beach, in the United States, and St. Helier de Rees on the Atlantic coast of France is ready.

The name was given in honor of businessman and social activist Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross and first recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Preparation was completed in cooperation with the sub-committee on schedule. Dunant is the first long range submarine cable to feature an SDM multiplexing design Into 12 fiber pairs and will send the data to Record speed of 250 terabits per second. To give an idea of ​​this speed, Google notes that Dunant will be able to move the entire Library of Congress three times per second.

This was achieved with a new cable system that included additional fiber pairs (twelve instead of six or eight) and some power-optimized repeaters. Previous generations of submarine cables included an array of laser pumps to amplify each pair of fibers. Instead, the new technology used at Dunant allowed more fibers to be contained within the cable.

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