“The gender gap is a very important issue for Banca Mediolanum”

The generation gap and gender are very important issues. Historically, the financial sector is a strongly masculine sector, so we are really starting from a cultural dimension that still has a long way to go. As a company, we have nearly 50% of the proportion of men and women out of our 3,000+ employees, but that doesn’t mean we’ve completed the process because there is no certainty that there is a balance of roles and functions. On the one hand, the presence of women is important but Strengthening the image of women within the company should be sought to achieve a balance between roles“. like him Edoardo Fontana Rava, Director of Product Development and Business Model at Banca Mediolanum, during the discussion with Mariangela Marsiglia, Vice President and Regional Director of Amazon Italy and Spain.

“We analyze the activities that employees carry out in the company in an attempt to ascertain the pathways that can help advance women – Fontana Rava continues – Women are on average more empathetic and better suited to managing a particular target client. Scientifically, they have different management of risk dimensions compared to managing Men. If we want to be consistent as a company and want to put the customer at the center of the project, it is imperative that the female dimension grow.”

Another major theme in Banca Mediolanum is of interest to young people with Edoardo Fontana Rava explaining: “We have launched a project called the following In which we do not go to take already trained profiles, but choose young people to work alongside experienced professionals to specifically allow for a generational change. Aging is a problem in this sector, so we need to invest in young people“.

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