The Gaza Strip and Israel are ready for the ground invasion: “We are preparing for the battle.” New raids on Hamas: 60-80 militiamen killed

With the continuation of clashes, rocket fire and raids between Israel and the Palestinian territories, the likelihood of this happening Wild infestation Gaza By the army of the Jewish state, after seven years Protective edge That caused More than 2,200 people die In less than two months. Israel Is sending Border reinforcementsAs stated by the presenter Jonathan Conricus, A spokesmanIdf: “There are forces that are being transferred to the border. He was quoted as saying, “It is a preliminary step.” BBCAdding that the military commanders on the border with Gaza have received orders from the government to prepare for “any possible escalation.” The Israeli army spokesman said that the soldiers present at the border with Gaza “are practically engaged in combat measures.” They are preparing for battleBut he added that the invasion “is not necessarily the first thing we’ll do in the morning.” Our goal is to reduce the enemy’s capabilities. ” Meanwhile, others have been summoned 7,000 reserve soldiersAfter 5 thousand of the last few days, all licenses have been blocked.

And while a solution to the crisis appears increasingly elusive, the number of victims continues to grow. This morning the Ministry of Health Palestinian They declared at least 83 dead Since the beginning of the clashes, last Monday, more than 500 people have been injured. Among the victims, according to the authorities in the Hamas-controlled sector, there 17 minors e Seven women, around Four times from Israel. At night it lands Hamas They had been Launched 130 Rockets: Many of these were intercepted by the Israeli defense system Iron Dome. The army has responded since the start of the conflict last Monday with more strikes 650 Objectives Army at section And neutralizing “between 60 and 80 armed men”: including the Hamas tunnel and the infrastructure as well Command centers. And they come back to play Sirens in Tel Aviv: As soon as explosions were heard from above, and lightnings were seen in the sky due to the interception of the missile defense system. Iron Dome.

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Meanwhile, the General Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces announced that it would present plans for the possibility of this happening Invade Through land Gaza strip. They are prepared by the Gaza Division and the IDF Southern Command (IDF). Plans – according to what we read Times Israel Then it is presented to the government responsible for the final decision. In recent days, the Israeli army has transferred additional ground forces to the border with the Strip. These are soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade, the Golani Infantry Brigade, and the 7th Brigade. In particular, he reported Channel 12The army intends to strike. “Hamas power symbolsAnd in particular you Structures Financial issues. According to Israeli media, the prime minister Netanyahu Excluded At the moment a cease-fire. Due to the complex situation, passenger flights arrive atan airport Ben-Gurion Transferred to an airport Ramon Near Eilat in South of the country.

This morning, one hundred thousand Palestinian believers gathered at the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is located, to perform Friday prayers.Eid al-FitrThe feast that celebrates the end of Ramadan, the blessed month of Islam. This was reported in the Palestinian media. A number of Palestinian flags were waved by the faithful. Instead, Al Jazeera published pictures of Eid prayers held by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, appearing Deserted streets and buildings that were bombed. Religious leaders called for calm.

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On the diplomatic front, the situation remains deadlocked. Last night United States of America Once again banned the adoption of an advertisement UN Security Council About the crisis in the Middle East judged ‘Backfire’During a closed meeting, however, it could be followed in the next few days by a new session, this time in public. In the second emergency meeting in three days he requested Tunisia, Norway and ChinaThe United States rejected yesterday, like Monday, the proposal of these countries to adopt a declaration calling for “de-escalation, cease-fire and resumption of negotiations.” Israel rejects any Security Council interference in the conflict, and Washington, the closest supporters of the Jewish state, has moved in this direction, according to many diplomats. A diplomatic source said regarding the United States, “The Security Council shows its concern through the meeting, so there is no need for anything else.” According to several other sources, 14 of the 15 Security Council members were in favor of approving the proposed text.

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