The game’s creative director has apologized –

Cezar Virtosu was it creative directors to marvel avengers, the live service game from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. The work did not bring the desired success and many were disappointed. Then Virtosu had his say and frankly, I apologize for the final product.

Virtosu was interviewed by Edge and when asked about Marvel’s Avengers, his answer was “I apologize for the game. It was a production that put us to the test, let’s say.” He didn’t say anything else about it.

Remember, the director is no longer part of Crystal Dynamics and is now working on it The fallen lords. Edge’s interview was actually about this, and that game’s executive producer, Saul Gascon, also had a hand in it.

So the hope is that The Lords of the Fallen will continue to work more easily than Marvel’s Avengers. In this regard, the hopes of the team are very high because it is the project they have always dreamed of making. The goal is to create a game that becomes “The benchmark for the Soulslike genreTo stand by Elden’s ring.

We also remind you that Crystal Dynamics will end support for Marvel’s Avengers in September.

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