The Game Awards trailer, dubbed in Italian, is a first for FF

Final Fantasy XVI He established himself as one of the greatest champions The Game Awards 2022Showcased through an unreleased trailer with a high rate of action and engagement that alternated narrative sequences and gameplay.

For the occasion it was also Final Fantasy 16 release date revealedGet ready to make the summer of 2023 bright in the meantime Square Enix also released a new version of the same trailer, revengewhich was shown during the Game Awards, but this time with a twist: it is Fully dubbed in Italian.

The video remains unchanged in content, but allows us to hear the different dialogues spoken in our language and with tone and disposition consistent with what is shown on the screen. This is undoubtedly an unusual detail for a trailer focused on a game Final Fantasy, and are usually always shown with English dubbing or, alternatively, with Japanese speech. Whether it is an exception or alternatively, it could be an indication of the presence of the Italian dub in Final Fantasy XVI?

This is a simple hypothesis, but we’ll try to contact Square Enix’s PR for further clarification on the matter, so as to see how things are as soon as possible. Meanwhile, it has been thoroughly confirmed Until Final Fantasy 16 was released exclusively on PS5with details always included in the latest trailer.

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