The G7 Responds to China: A Global Infrastructure Plan for Poor Countries. Draghi: “We need a stronger organization against epidemics”

global plan on Infrastructure because I am low income countries. it’s a reply Dell G7 leader to Silk Road fired by China. The initiative – which will be called Rebuilding a better world – Approved during the current summit in Cornwall and the White House In a note, he stresses the “enormous infrastructure need in low- and middle-income countries”. The plan was approved during the second day of work led by United kingdom, which includes other sessions dedicated to Flexibility, to Foreign Policy, to health policy and the gods Vaccines.

Regarding the latter, the announcement of a global plan From coordinate contrast Next pandemic which also provides for the reduction of 300 a 100 days times to search and that Development From Serum. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Presented today with a message also relaunched via Twitter in which he received استقبل “Historic moment” Advertised cooperation Against the Pandemic at the G7 in Carbis Bay: “Through this agreement, the major democracies of the world intend to commit to preventing a global pandemic from happening again and not recurring Devastation Because of Covid-19, repeat.

The topic was also the focus of the Prime Minister’s speech Mario Draghiwho argued the need “To reform and strengthen the World Health Organization”, with a stronger role for International Monetary Fund e world bank, emphasizing the need for Getting ready Now for the next pandemic, even by agreeing to distribute vaccines beforehand. The prime minister was a bi con Joe Biden: The meeting “goed well,” Draghi explained at the end of the interview, reiterating that “the two pillars Foreign Policy Italian is European and Atlantic.” He added with Biden, “We agree on many issues: a woman, Young, defense of the past, human rights, civil rights, social rights e environment protection It is the central theme of our presidency of the G-20.

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The last session on the pandemic plan has been extended to the afternoon in the format of 7 Great and Gods Only EU summits For guest leaders AustraliaAnd the South Korea e South Africa, as well as India via video link. The Secretary-General of the United Nations was also present, Antonio Guterres, and number one in the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Gebresus. Global Epidemic Statement – After the announced donation of a One billion vaccines against the covid virus (of which 500 million from the US and 100 million from the UK) between 2021 and 2022 to the world’s lowest income countries – includes a commitment to greater participation health data, to an increase in genetic testing able to recognize Variables Antivirus and support a Reshape and enhance the roleWho is the. Finally, the summit will conclude on Sunday at midday after two additional dedicated sessions a file subordinate open community And most importantly the weather A greener policy.

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