“The French are not serious …”. Judgment rush: Evidence on mobile

they called itclone hillfor his bald head andSherifLike the former Italian informant, Pierluigi Collina, who today serves as the current president of the FIFA Referees Committee, but this small compliment is the only one the French have reserved for him, who still does not absorb the final they lost to Argentina: a Polish referee Simon MarciniakOnce he returned to his country, he did not send them to quell the differences and remove more than one pebble from his shoe in an unprecedented manner in football.

Lear’s accusations of judgment

To understand what happened, we need to take a small step back: as we have seen on Giornale.it, the petition started in France to repeat the match against Messi and his team because according to the press there could have been two serious fouls. From across the Alps: the French sports newspaper Team He pointed his finger at the penalty kick awarded in the first half for a foul that he considered “accidental” but above all he resented the momentary Messi 3-2 in the 108th minute because, as can be seen from the still image, two players from the Argentine. The bench was on the field. In terms of organization, if the referee notices that there are unauthorized people on the field, he can disallow the goal. From here, the title “Selling the Referee” and vote 2 in the report card do not lack.

Marciniak explained

The Polish referee welcomed the final almost as if it were Robert Lewandowski, and attacked: “First of all, for this situation to be punished, this situation must affect the match, and what is the impact of the players who got up and jumped onto the field? “ He told the local press as we read Calciomercato.com Explaining his reasons. In a word, the match was not conditional in any way if the feet of two or three players were on the field 30-40 meters from the goal, also in this case the French did not know how to use common sense.

Still image on mobile phone

But that’s not all, the real ‘twist’ came with a photo saved on your mobile phone which shows how, in the 119th minute of extra time, almost the entire French bench entered the field when footballer Kolo Mwani was head-on. With Emiliano Martínez saving whoops he allowed us to kick penalties and Argentina win the cup. They are playing – he added – Moreover, the French did not mention the photo, which shows the presence of seven players on the bench on the field. It is not hard to search for these thingsMarchignac said, showing the press the photo in question, with a sly smile. According to the thesis of the French, had they scored the winning goal, the referee should have disallowed the goal, but that could never have happened for the reasons well explained above. who whistle.

In the rules of rulers there is a point, which is as valid as any rule that is strictly devoted to it Common sense: For example, if a team wins by 4.5 goals or more and there is a lot of injury time, the whistles often stop matches early because, strictly speaking, the score cannot be changed to avoid the suffering of the defeated. It is just one small example out of dozens to show that in the same way, even if there is a law that prevents a bench from entering the field but does not affect the game in any way, the referee will obviously do so. You would never dream of disallowing a goal for this reason, especially in a World Final. It makes sense, but the French keep nibbling on them.

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