The franchise belongs to Nintendo, and it will not make it to other platforms –

Astral series it’s a Franchise that Belongs to NintendoFinally, the confirmation also arrived from the same oral platinum games from the head of Atsushi Inaba, so the team has no control over the title in question and it is difficult to reach this. Other platforms.

There was some confusion about this, as Astral Chain was initially introduced as a Collaborative project Between Nintendo and Platinum games, With joint ownership of ownership by the two companies. The issue apparently opened up the possibility to bring the game to other platforms in some form, despite being introduced as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Well, that’s not the case: as it actually came out a few days ago, when Nintendo seemed to have gotten the franchise, it looks like the title belongs entirely to Nintendo. “ The mode is also the one described on the website: Astral Chain is one of them Intellectual property So there are restrictions on how much we can talk about, “Annaba explained.

This also explains Confusion It was created in the beginning, because the developers preferred not to investigate the issue publicly, bearing in mind that the rights management on Astral Chain belongs to Nintendo and we know when to be extremely careful about using its features.

However, Platinum Games did not want to comment further on the issue, but the likelihood of Astral Chain leaving the Nintendo circuit appearing to be nil, if in doubt. Also notice the beautiful curtain in which the team captain is, Atsushi InabaHe praised Tkahisa Taura, the game’s president, as “the best director in the company”. And about Hideki kamia? “Kamiya is probably the fifth best director right now, and he’s yet to come out of his game and get busy!”

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Inaba’s mocking tone probably refers to Bayonetta 3, a Nintendo Switch game that has been waiting for years now, to the point where they are apparently joking about it within Platinum Games itself.

Astral key chain artwork

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