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The second day of competitions on the ice skating rink in Heerenveen (Netherlands), site of the 2023 World Championships in single-distance speed skating. there Thielf The scene was on this day – 2 of Men’s Team Chase Challengethe test he was in as well Italy.

formed trio David Giottoiridescent silver at 5000 metres, Andrea Giovannini And from Frances Beatty He fought with all his might for the top three and never went that far. Our standard bearers rated themselves In fourth place With Chrono 3: 42.69. Good performance, lack the last two laps to really undermine Norway, taking the bronze with a time of 3:40.93

The gold went to the Netherlands. The trio of Roest (5000m World Gold), Snellink and Bosker made an exciting comeback in the last two laps with a time of 3:38.26 previously Canada by just 0.17, while the Norwegians finished at 2.67. It should be noted how United Stateto compete for medals, he ended up out of contention with a time of 3:58.10 due to an athlete crashing on the last lap.

Photo: La Presse

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