The four golden rules to follow to have a happy and healthy cat

A healthy and happy cat is a dynamic cat that shows an interest in everything around him. If we see that the cat, especially if it is very small, spends the whole day sleeping and not very active, we must change something in the house and in our habits. Today we want to reveal the 4 golden rules that you must follow to have a happy and healthy cat.

Many, many games

To keep our cat as active and busy as possible, it is essential to give her the opportunity to play, experiment and have fun. To do this, we must equip the home environment with toys suitable for our cat, so that it has its own escape valves. So, keep scratching the posts to be able to define the area and get your nails done in the right places, but that’s not all. They are small animals, mice and plush birds perfect to indulge in the nature of predators and fishing rod for a more interactive game.

The game is outside

If we have a home with a safe, secure, and cat-proof outdoor garden, we can make it play outside. This way he will be able to move freely and quietly without feeling tight between the four inner walls. Where this possibility is not available we try to provide you with fresh orCatnip. This will help him have fun and is able to clean hairballs.

Veterinary and proper nutrition

A healthy, happy, and energetic cat is one that eats well. Therefore, it is important to give our cats a healthy and healthy diet that will match their age. A cat is a predominantly carnivore, but not only one. It is essential to give them complete, balanced foods that can provide them with all the nutrients they need. So not only does a cat need protein, but it also needs a small amount of fiber, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Finally, the vet should be our reference: a visit every six months allows us to keep his health under control, prevent and treat any illnesses.

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He must feel loved

This is perhaps the most common rule, but at the same time the most important: the cat should be happy, feel good, and feel loved. So it is essential to spend time playing and interacting with him so that he does not feel left out. Find time to embrace, play with, and reward him when he deserves it: the cat will appreciate it and be happy.

These are the four golden rules to follow to have a happy and healthy cat. From health to play, to feeding and home environment, a cat must feel an integral part of the family in order to be healthy.


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