The founder says Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda could be a “fantastic” counter move against Sony

Christopher Weaver, founder of Bethesda Softworks – who is no longer working for the toy company – shared his ideas Microsoft’s $ 7.5 billion purchase Bethesda and its parent company ZeniMax. Speak to backwardsWeaver said he sees Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda as similar to the company’s purchase of Bungie.

Bungie was acquired by Microsoft in 2000, and its new game Halo: Combat Evolved has proven very successful and has since become synonymous with Xbox. Bungie and Microsoft later split, but Halo remains one of Microsoft’s crown jewels.

Weaver said of the longstanding rivalry between the two companies, if Microsoft succeeds in integrating Bethesda into Microsoft, it could be “a wonderful counter move against Sony”.

“The acquisition of Bungie was an important catalyst for the success of the early Xbox consoles. Depending on how quickly Bethesda paved the Microsoft pipeline, I suspect Microsoft is looking at the rules of the game and looking to replicate one of its“ best moves. ”If the strategy works, Weaver told the site. That would be a nice counter-move against Sony. Users from all over the world will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this deal. I wish good luck for them.”

Weaver also talked about his belief that Microsoft had intentionally set its announcement of the Bethesda deal to be close to recent PS5 news.

“Consolidation, properly managed, can provide a robust mechanism for groups to share experiences and ‘best practices.’” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this announcement is very close to the Sony PS5 announcement, he said. There are only a limited number of proven creators for AAA. What Microsoft has, Sony cannot get it. There are many economies of scale incorporating the right partners have the potential to offer, but the ultimate test will be evident in the quality of the products produced over time. “

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The full interview in Inverse touches on a number of other interesting topics –Go read it here. And for more info on the takeover, check out GameSpot Stories below.

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