The footprints of the last dinosaurs that walked on UK soil were found near the White Cliffs of Dover

Footprints believed to belong to the last of the UK roaming dinosaurs have been discovered near the White Cliffs of Dover.

The discovery by Philip Hadland, curator of Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, is the latest evidence of dinosaurs in Great Britain and dates back to the early Cretaceous period, about 110 million years ago. BBC mentioned.

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According to Hadland, stormy conditions have revealed new fossils of at least six different types of prints found in cliffs and on a beach in Folkestone, Kent. I mentioned the port.

Traces formed from the sediments are believed to have been left by ankylosaurs, theropods, and ornithopods.

“In 2011, I came across unusual impressions in the Folkestone rock formation. All I could think about was that they could be footprints,” Hadland He told the BBC.

“This was at odds with what most geologists say about rocks here, but I looked for more footprints and when the tide revealed more erosion, I found better ones,” he added.

According to a research paper published in the journal Proceedings of the Geologists Association, the sediments filled the footprints of dinosaurs on Earth. national publisher mentioned.

David Martell, professor of paleobiology at the University of Portsmouth, Hadland helped verify his discovery, describing the find as “quite unusual” as it represented the oldest documented dinosaur footprints found in the “Folkestone Formation”.

“Now they’re sailing near the white cliffs of Dover…next time you ride a ferry and see those amazing cliffs, imagine it,” Martell He said to the outlet.

Some of the footprints are currently on display at the Folkestone Museum, The BBC reported.

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