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Capcom for upcoming games in the series vampire You may consider returning to Third-person perspective After Resident Evil 7 and Village which as we know is a character. That’s at least what we learned from a series of statements made by Shadows of Rose DLC developers during the 2022 Tokyo Game Show and summed up by Dusk Golem on ResetEra.

The development team does not believe that one camera is objectively superior to the other, but simply offers two completely different experiences. For example, they were very surprised at how dramatically Resident Evil Village has changed with the new third-person view that will be introduced on October 28.

Looking to the future, Capcom is unsure of being able to deliver both visuals with the next games in the series, as this will require a significant amount of work, with developers evaluating which one is the best. case after case. For example, “Resident Evil 9” could be in the third person, then go back to the first person view with the next chapter, and so on.

Photo from Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose

The reversal of the village has also been confirmed Resident Evil 7 You will not receive an update with a third person view in the future, as the game is for first person only. The developers said that they took into account the comments of fans who do not appreciate this approach, but nevertheless believe that the first-person view favors learning about the game world and reinforces the fear factor, on which the game is built.

During the Tokyo Game Show 2022, the developers also shared new details about the Shadow of Rose DLC content in Resident Evil Village, one of which is that the expansion will focus more on survival elements than the base game.

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