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The Fluorescent Highway: An Experience in Australia

The Fluorescent Highway Project is back again, this time in faraway Australia: all traces are lost.

Make the street brighter and save money on electricity while we’re on it. .’s new projectfluorescent highway come from far fromAustralia To be precise. On Metung Road, in the southeast of Victoria, Tarmac Linemarking has, in fact, experimented with this type of lighting, and has received great appreciation and great judgments from both professionals and “simple” enthusiasts. The great potential of the idea might be exported elsewhere as well, perhaps in the countries of the Old Continent.

The mechanism behind the process is really primitive. The signs have a coating that absorbs light all day, and after dark, uses it light. According to experts, like accumulated energy he has the ability to Run the streets for eight hoursSince nightfall. This is not the first time that such a test has been performed. Those who follow the world of motors with interest, even in the less talked-about aspects, may remember a precedent from 2015.

Previous in the Netherlands

Then the solution was tried Holland, on the N329 motorway that crosses the city of Os, with a length of 600 metres. We don’t know what happened in the meantime, but no further developments have been confirmed since then. Now, even given the critical issues of electricity costs, perhaps the initiative is being accelerated. In fact, by using these luminous road signs, the brightness of street lights can be saved, thus reducing energy.

Positive considerations came from Regional Roads Victoria, the road company that made the initiative possible: This treatment will pay off easier for drivers See demarcation lines. Brightness will be stronger near intersections and curves, giving drivers more time to react and preventing them from getting out of the lane. It can be a valuable resource especially for those unfamiliar with these methods”.

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