The first warning of esophageal cancer may be this sign we often overlook

Esophageal cancer is one of the most common types of esophageal cancer in the world, and unfortunately one of the most dangerous. In Italy alone, it affected 2,400 people in 2020 according to official AIRTUM data. The 5-year survival rate after disease recognition is still very low. Suffice it to say that the estimates speak of 12% for males and 17% for females. That is why we should never ignore what the body transmits to us. The first warning of esophageal cancer may be this sign we often overlook. This is dysphagia, difficulty swallowing solid and liquid foods.

The first warning of esophageal cancer may be this sign we often overlook

There are two most common types of esophageal cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. The first affects the upper part of the esophagus. The second is the closest part of the stomach. The same symptoms can occur in both diseases. As a percentage, cancer accounts for 60% of recorded cases. adenocarcinoma 30%.


As it was said earlier The first symptom of the disease is dysphagia. If we also struggle to eat soft foods or swallow and do not suffer from chronic esophageal disease, it is a good idea to book a specialist visit. Especially if symptoms get worse and slowly we can’t even swallow liquids.

It may mean that the mass of the tumor is blocking the passage of food. A problem that in severe cases can also lead to vomiting and sudden weight loss.

Also pay attention to the sound. Especially if we experience a sudden drop or change in tone. This tumor is very subtle and in some cases directly affects the nerve endings that cause the vocal cords to move.

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How to try to prevent it and risk factors

To try to prevent this type of cancer, we have several effective measures available. First of all, we must give up alcoholic beverages and smoking. They are the worst enemies of the mucous membrane that protects the esophagus. Taken together, it is estimated that they increase the risk of developing the disease by about 100 times.

Secondly, fruits and vegetables should always be included in our daily diet. Typical foods for Mediterranean diet They are ideal for prevention. They will provide us with the right amount of vitamins and antioxidants to save cells from cancerous degeneration.

Finally, never give up physical activity. Obesity and weight greatly affect the likelihood of developing esophageal cancer. Other research that remains to be investigated links an increased risk with red meat consumption.


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