The first edition of “Cartoline Sonor” has begun.

There will be three dates for the first edition of Cartoline Sonore, contemporary music review by Sonos & Sounds. start in 3 July, 7 p.m., from the medieval shrine of San Leonardo de Vidalba, with tasting of the region’s food and wine franchise and will continue with the concert of the Italian-Canadian duo ilus Who, with acoustic guitar, clarinet and percussion, will accompany the songs in Galorezzi for talented Georgia Gungui. To follow, German musician and producer ship Helbig, whose work has also been published by the German company Deutsche Grammophon, will be shown alongside the quartet of Corrado masonic on the violin Dmitri died viola, Robert Wet on cello e chlorinda perfect in the piano.

The 2 August The Spa From Casteldoria They will form the natural stage for Cartoline Sonore’s second appointment which will be inaugurated by the composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Plano. The Argentine musician was recently nominated for a Grammy Award for soundtrack everything, Another of his work was shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 90th Academy Awards. With the cello, it will present the audience with uplifting and evocative sounds. The sunset lights will then light up the composer’s party Steven Josetti, which features more than 32 million plays across all broadcast platforms and toured the United States, Europe and Japan. He worked for Dolce & Gabbana, who chose his music for the soundtrack for the 2017 D&G event in Palermo, shot by Academy Award-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore. Guzzetti will be accompanied by the cellist Gianluca Bishida To present their new work “Facing the Sea”.

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The review will end in 4 September in the beautiful garden archaeologicalnatural From San john With the young musician’s party And the Carlsen who recently signed a record deal for Sony. The Italian pianist will conclude the evening Federico Albanian his last album, Before And the Currently It seems No finalby Mercury KX, a German brand owned by the Universal group, home to artists like Ólafur Arnalds and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead to name a few.

The dialogue between music and natural spaces will certainly be the leitmotif of the entire review, which aims to embrace a broad and multi-generational audience. In this regard, activities such as: Labs for childrenAnd the Trips day And the LaylaAnd the practices yoga And the Hits move it to me museum archaeological From Fidalba Which, for the occasion, will remain open to the public until midnight.

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