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The first diamond quantum accelerator has been installed in Australia: it will help the research

German-Australian startup quantum accelerator quantum brilliance It will find its first application in the Supercomputing Center in Pawsey Supercomputing Research Center in Perthin Australia, where It will be powered by classic supercomputers It will help researchers and scientists experiment with quantum computation.

The first diamond quantum accelerator in Australia

The idea behind the Quantum Brilliance quantum accelerator is relatively simple: to exploit the quantum properties of certain defects in diamond to perform calculations. More specifically, the . file Nitrogen hole centers, as we explained at the time of the accelerator announcement. The main advantage of this approach is that there is no need for the complex and expensive cryogenic refrigerators that characterize competing approaches based on superconductors.

It is precisely this feature that makes it a quantum accelerator installed At the Pawsey Center for Supercomputing Research Directly in the closet rack Where there is a classic supercomputer, the HPE Cray Ex called Setonix.

Quantum intelligence talks about quantum “accelerators” because they are devices that necessarily have to work with classical computers, from which you receive already prepared input data on purpose. In fact, any current quantum computer can be considered an accelerator, since it cannot operate independently, but quantum brilliance seems more straightforward than the goal: to work alongside classical computers to perform some operations faster.

The accelerator installed in Perth will serve scientists to experiment with quantum computations, and with a healthy dose of optimism, to arrive at new scientific discoveries that cannot be achieved through the exclusive use of classical computers.

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“Completing the installation of the quantum system has been a priority once the COVID-caused border closures are over. The partnership between Pawsey and Quantum Brilliance will play a pivotal role in demonstrating how computational power can ever be delivered on a large scale. It has been seen before in an HPC environment with a mixture of [computer] classic and quantitativePawsey CEO said, Mark Steckles. This will be a testing ground where real applications can be tested, so our researchers will be able to conduct research more effectively, making faster scientific breakthroughs possible.

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