The first cheaters appeared in the multiplayer beta –

. Multiplayer beta infinite aura It was available a week ago, but it looks like the first ones have already taken to the field cheating to undermine the balance of matches.

Far from some criticism of the progression system, the multiplayer shooter in 343 Industries generally receives excellent feedback from players and already has a large player base. However, there seemed to be some “rotten apples” in the middle as well.

According to VG247, several reports of unfortunate players who had to deal with cheaters came to social networks. In the video below, for example, we see DougisRaw dealing with a player who “magically” was able to accurately track his opponents’ movements even when they were behind a wall.

Instead, ZlepOfficial found himself up against a user with almost uncanny accuracy and reflexes, as well as an X-ray view to see behind cover. In short, a potential user of aimbot.

Reddit user KanoxHD also posted a video of a player apparently using an aimbot.

Cheating is an epidemic that unfortunately affects most online multiplayer games, not just shooting games. in a The video was released last month343 Industries talked about cheaters and how “when you’re making a competitive game and you’re on PC, you need to fight cheating.” So the hope is that in a short time the developers will be able to implement effective countermeasures that limit the spread of the problem.

To stay on topic, the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta’s Fracture Tenrai event begins today, with samurai armor and other rewards to grab.

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