The first cases of ‘Australian flu’ arrive: what is it and what will happen?

The high tracing we have now three years after Covid has made it possible to find even the first cases seasonal flu In our country: four in total, all in the north between Genoa and Bologna. he is called Australian Not because it is a new disease but simply to indicate its source (which is the same every year). The southern hemisphere is about to come out of winter and seasonal viruses develop there before gradually spreading to the northern hemisphere.

What is “Twindemic”

The influenza virus, H3N2 type A, will inevitably overlap with the rest of Covid, namely Omicron 5 or Centaurus (we’ll find out in the coming weeks): “overlap” between infections is called by experts “twyndemmWhy is it called that? You get there by intuition and the name bodes well: twin, because Omicron looks more and more like regular flu thanks to RNA vaccinations, a mass vaccination campaign and herd immunity, though twin in English means TwinExperts urge not to lower one’s guard and secure residents starting with the vulnerable.

What can happen

Reassurances abound: the impact is expected to be ‘low to moderate’, the most exposed being adolescents and the elderly, as is the case every year. This year, however, is the only one difference With the past two years in which very few infections have been recorded, that could be an increase in influenza illness in pre-Covid times. This does not mean that the seasonal virus will be more aggressive, but simply, by abandoning masks and personal safety, we will get more infected. For now, warnings should be avoided: what is known is that the spread will occur in mid-autumn, starting in November and that vaccination prevention can advance to October.

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‘Same symptoms as always’

Flu symptoms remain the same every year. “True influenza continues to be recognized in three ways: sudden onset of fever, at least one generalized symptom and one respiratory symptom. – confirms Republic Fabrizio BrigliascoProfessor of Hygiene at Milan State University and Medical Director of the Ircccs Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute – Leaving COVID-19 aside, the remaining cases of circulating disease are related to respiratory viruses, influenza viruses and a wide variety of pathogens.“.The cases recorded now in Italy are only intermittent, and there is still no possibility that the epidemic will start soon.”In fact, flu-like forms predominate in the fall. The real flu is unleashed when a cold is severe and lingering: it wasn’t until about November‘, he concludes.

For whom is vaccination recommended?

As mentioned, if vaccinations against Omicron are going to be available as of tomorrow, then when the time comes, it is a good idea for people over 60 years of age to be safe with influenza vaccination as well as for smaller sections of the population (6 months – 6 years). For those over the age of 65, it will also be possible to receive the adjuvant vaccine against multiple strains of the same virus.

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