The first benchmarks of the M2 Ultra show a jump in performance

M2 Ultra, everything we know about the new Mac Pro and Mac Studio chip

First benchmarks using the M2 Ultra chip Geekbench 6 The highlight is the improvement in terms of performance on the CPU side.

The chip in question is available on both the new top-of-the-line Mac Studio and the new Mac Pro.

With these Macs, you can choose two M2 Ultra chips on demand: Both offer a 24-core CPU, a 32-core Neural Engine, and 800Gbps of memory bandwidth, and both allow you to increase the combined memory up to 192GB; The difference is the number of GPU cores: one chip has 60, and the other has 76.

the site Macrumors reports Tested on Mac Studio with an M2 Ultra chip bringing out the The score for one center is 2800 that it Total points 21700 With Geekbench 6 (a well-known cross-platform benchmarking tool, one of the most complete tools for accurately measuring processor and memory speed).

As expected, up to 20% faster speed of the M2 Ultra compared to the M1 Ultra was confirmed, as Apple had already predicted at the WWDC23 keynote, an event during which the latest Macs with the new chip were presented. The M2 Ultra is basically the fastest chip that Apple has introduced to date.

For the computing test, which measures GPU performance, i results They are about 220,000 for the M2 Ultra (60-core), versus 150,000 for the M1 Ultra (48-core), a jump of 45%.

The first benchmarks of the M2 Ultra show a jump in performance

The Mac Pro with Apple Silicon chips is — in terms of CPU — essentially twice as fast as the previous fastest Mac Pro with the 28-core Intel Xeon W processor.

Introducing the Mac Pro with Apple Silicon CPU at the WWDC23 keynote, the House of Cupertino reported overall that the new hardware “makes the most demanding professional workflows, like video transcoding and 3D simulation, up to three times faster.”

The fundamental difference between Mac Pro and Mac Studio is the PCIe slots on the former. The Mac Pro comes with seven PCIe expansion slots, which may be useful in some environments that require certain cards.

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