The financial tsunami will arrive on June 30

A real financial tsunami will arrive and the revenue agency will be very difficult.

In just one day, a truly disproportionate amount of taxes must be paid And many Italians would be in trouble.

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Unfortunately, the revenue agency in this period was particularly difficult and inflexible. high taxes and toughness towards those who are also having difficulty.

A tax storm that doesn’t take vulnerability into account

It’s the Italia Oggi site to emphasize Like June 30, there’s a real tax storm coming.


Hurricane Mali consists of 61 accomplishments. 61 fee to pay which expire on June 30th. But other than the 61 taxes to be paid on June 30 Various declarations and commitments also expire. In short, an unprecedented bite for Italians. The list is quite long but it must be remembered that on June 30th the self-certification of Coronavirus Aid will expire. But on June 30 there is also Fixed rate paper bills deadline. In fact, the controversial e-invoicing went live as of July 1st.

An endless list of taxes and obligations

On June 30th they get paid too The IRES and IRPEF but also the 2021 VAT credit will expire. Also on the same June 30 which is a real black day for a tax officer, The alternative tax also expires for those who follow a flat rate system and the tax for those who are subject to the minimum system. Furthermore, the flat rate coupon on rentals expires on June 30th. But will the citizens be able to pay so many taxes? Families and businesses are facing increasing difficulties and many economists Emphasize how fragile Italians are.

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Extreme toughness that puts many in trouble

All this cruelty of the taxman towards the Italians will bring more money to state, but how many people will actually see his situation become more problematic? It is precisely the fear of austerity that is driving the political right across Europe Macron’s slap in France is the latest confirmation. Our country is heading into recession and to punish citizens in this way means increasing the risk of social tensions.

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