The final episode of Season 2 of The Boys: This is what Stormfront says in German

During the action-packed season 2 finale of The Boys, Stormfront of Aya Cash is finally defeated after a powerful blast of vision from Homelander’s son (Ryan) left her burnt, bleeding and paralyzed. He says something in German, but what do you say? To answer that question, we asked IGN’s Per Schneider, who hails from Germany, to translate what she says before Homelander asks Ryan if he’s responsible for what just happened. According to Mr. Schneider, this is what she said:

“Do you remember the day I raised my arm from the car window? We found the perfect spot by the river in the shade of an apple tree. It was the first time …”

IGN also spoke with The Boys model, Eric Kripke, to find out more context for what Stormfront is referring to here. “She remembers a time with her [Frederick] Vought and her daughter, “Kripke informed IGN.” We thought her pained, wounded, and a little crazy thinking would go back to the time when she was happiest. So we wrote a small letter about the happiest moment in her life and we translated it into German. “

Check out our final interview with Kripke to see what happens in Season 3, including a preview of how Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy fits into the plot of Season Three.

What do you think of the season two finale and what would you be happy to see in season three? Let us know in the comments section below.
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