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After the wonderful experience I had in 2019 in Tokyo on the occasion of the 26th World Congress of TAVIZA (International Association of Sports for All), FIGeST, Italian Federation of Traditional Games and Sportsis preparing for the new mission, this time in Portoroz, Slovenia, where the 2022 World Congress will take place, which will also host the optional General Assembly to revamp the association’s offices that bring together, at the international level, Sport for All.

In fact, FIGeST submitted a candidate to the Board of Directors, and Regional delegate Marco TomasiniLombard Solbiate Olonaborn in 1987, an enviable approach that, despite his young age, has already seen him involved in the management world of sport, both nationally and internationally, and in numerous organizations from Switzerland to China through Germany and the United Kingdom, from the world of university sports to the world of games Paralympics and Veterans Athletic Association to gain access to various sports federations and organizations, even FIGeST in fact.

The choice of Tomasini came a few days after receiving the green light to organize the second edition of the Tavisa Games, which will be hosted from 23 to 29 September in Perugia, Umbria.

Head of Polisportiva SolbiateA member of FIGeST for two years, Tomasini is also the regional delegate for FIGeST itself. In his position, while he is a relatively new name in the traditional gaming and esports scene, Marko has already shown an interest in federal activities by making himself available to continue his sector training and other federation activities.

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