The famous Ferrari left to rot in the street: the reason leaves you amazed

Iconic Ferrari abandoned on the street: a stunning find by a YouTuber

The machine certainly does not go unnoticed. On the street if you see someone running fast FerrariWhatever its model, the instinct is to stop and enjoy the racing car Maranello.

Abandoned Ferrari (screen)

I own a brand car jumping horse It’s every car enthusiast’s dream who would offer anything (or almost anything) even to see a Ferrari in their garage. However, there are those who own a racing car from Maranello He doesn’t know what to do with him. There have been several examples in recent months, the latest of which comes from Puerto Rico It is bound to make a fuss. It was YouTube Scott who put it in the spotlight Chivers Through her Ratarossa channel.

The story is one of those great ones: a Ferrari abandoned on the street for years, inexplicably, without anyone caring about it, left entirely to the weather. The result, after 17 years of inactivity, is deeply depressing. It’s the Ferrari Testarossa, one of the most popular models of the Prancing Horse, completely deserted on the street for nearly twenty years.

Ferrari Testarossa abandoned in Puerto Rico

Once you find a file Red hair It clearly caught the attention of fans. So someone wanted to buy it, and he spent thirty thousand dollars. After all, we are talking about a car that, despite the bad conditions, has traveled only 24 thousand kilometers in its life, which, if it is renewed, can be worth much more.

The new owners are working hard to renovate Ferrari It is found in Puerto Rico with a very long process. In the videos posted by Scott Chivers, the restoration stages, which are still in progress, are also shown. The structure of the Testarossa has been dismantled and repainted, the same for the interior: all the furnishings have been dismantled and renovated.

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It was better to use the engine that was still usable: the owners had to replace the belts and tensioners. At a later stage, the electrical system has also been revised and there are still other work to be done to bring Ferrari Testarossa.

Ferrari, another case of sensational abandon

Speaking of abandoned cars, the case we told you on AutomotoriNews del Underground parking in Beverly Hillsin Los Angeles, where a string of supercars have been found, were left there for years without being taken care of by anyone other than the owners themselves.

In this too, like Ferrari of Puerto Rico, the truth was documented by a Youtuber who streamed a video A dream garage for four wheelers. In this parking lot in Beverly Hills there are wonderful and very expensive models. These include the Ferrari F355 Challenge, Testarossa, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera and three McLaren cars (Senna, Elva and Speedtail). Bugatti Chiron can’t be missing with Land Rover, Mercedes and Lamborghini.

Almost a fictional list but it’s all true. This is the video that will make you truly speechless.

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