The family leaves for holidays in Liguria, the house in Bergamo is busy

He took advantage of the homeowners’ absence to break into their apartment, consume what was in store, watch TV, download movies, and sleep on a mattress on the floor in the living room, next to a fan.

When on Monday noon, around 6 p.m., a friend of the couple who lived in that house—a mezzanine house on Goethe Road—appeared to feed the cat, she encountered a stranger. She almost fainted: she called the police and the owner, while the intruder turned away. The nightmare of Giuseppe – the name is fictional – and his family began with that phone call.

“I was on the beach in Liguria – he says -, within a quarter of an hour I left and upon my arrival there was still a forensic scientist in my house doing the surveys.” With the apartment turned into a dump, Giuseppe spent the night with his parents, leaving the light on.

“When I returned the next morning, he says, I saw from outside another light lit.” At the door of the house, Giuseppe met the thief, took a picture of him, they took bad words and the man ran away again. “The police came back an hour later, they saw the photo, and they recognized him.”

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