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The EU’s response to the Aukus Agreement: Postponing FTA negotiations with Australia. Canberra: It was the national interest

Despite attempts at rapprochement before Joe Biden Even the words of the brothers Boris Johnson, shows no sign of lowering the tension born betweenEuropean UnionAnd France First of all, the three countries that signed the partnership Okos: Great Britain, the United States and Australia. The latest “revenge” by Brussels hits right CanberraThe government that has so far shown less “repentance” for the decision to cancel a purchase contract French submarines with a total value of 56 billion euros In favor of other means made in the USA. Thus, negotiations have long been planned on the possible free trade agreement Between Australia and the European Union has been postponed “for a month”, the community official announced today.

No official explanation has been given for Brussels’ decision to put the agreement discussion on standby, but everything indicates thatIssue Aukus is behind this decision. Australian Trade Minister Dan Teh, who was going to travel to Europe for negotiations, downplayed: “We understand France’s reaction to our decision on the submarine, but in the end each country must act in its own national interest, which is what Australia did.”

No step back and, therefore, no softening of positions by the Australian Government claiming its decision to cancel the contract that has already been signed. Tehan added that he plans to meet the European Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis Next week: “We will continue to prepare for the twelfth round of negotiations and work towards a free trade agreement that is in the interest of Australia and the European Union.” The European Union is Australia’s third largest trading partner: in 2020, trade in goods between the two economies amounted to €36 billion and €26 billion for services. The next round of negotiations was to cover areas such as trade, services, investment and intellectual property rights.

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