The European Union collapses over vaccines and Ursula von der Leyen’s position is in danger

Three weeks ago, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, admitted the mistakes made on the supply side Coronavirus vaccines. But no progress has been made since then. On the contrary, the European Union lags far behind in administering the doses relative to the population, far from not only Little Israel, but also the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Tuesday, a painful blow to Brussels. The Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Curtis, announced that, together with Denmark, they will develop vaccines against the variants with the help of Israel, effectively breaking the unity of the European Union institutions on this issue.

As if that wasn’t enough, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis also announced that he would consider the possibility of ordering a Russian vaccine. SputnikHungarian colleague Viktor Orban also announced in previous days. EMA, the European Medicines Authority, claims that it has not yet received any request from Moscow to evaluate the results of the experiment, but the truth is that within the European Union there are voices of criticism for those who wish Brussels to take into account the premise of expanding the range of available vaccines, including the Russian vaccine. The tiny Republic of San Marino is using it to try to revive its summer economy.

Von der Leyen’s position became more serious every day. No government can defend it in the face of such a startling and extremely costly failure. Every day that passes without being able to vaccinate enough people leads you away from Reopen activities Economic and thus recovery. Basically, Brussels is creating climate fury among entrepreneurs and workers, especially in the tourism sector linked to entertainment or the world of events.

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Vaccines for anarchy, so the European Union slaps when needed and delays the recovery of the economy

Ursula risks returning home

Let us remember that von der Leyen in July 2019 was promoted by the European Parliament to a small number of votes. The surprise support of the Five-Star Movement turned out to be crucial. This figure showed that the woman chosen by the Franco-German Axis to lead the commission did not have Brussels’ full support. After, after Vaccines for the disorderWithout a doubt, we can say that the consensus on its management has declined further. Mario Draghi’s debut as Italian Prime Minister in the Council of Europe was fiercely critical of the creation of the Berlaymont Palace. He called, among other things, to take a tougher stance against the faltering pharmaceutical companies, to prevent the export of vaccines and imitate the British strategy, with public administrations for the first doses.

At home, von der Leyen did not shine as Defense Secretary. He has tampered with contracts and this is clearly his weakness. Actually, I am German army They came to practice using broomsticks because there were no weapons. When he left Berlin for Brussels, the Bundeswehr sighed. In short, we are talking about relapse. Only this time it shares the health of 450 million people. And with an advisor in political twilight after 16 years of leading the German government, virtually no one was left to defend her, especially French President Emmanuel. Macron, Who will seek re-election in just over a year.

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At this point, Italy’s position in the coming months will be decisive. Draghi has the fate of von der Leyen in his hands, because if after the escape of Vienna and Copenhagen on the one hand and the flight of Prague and Budapest on the other hand, more vivid criticism of Brussels’ work should appear from Rome, because the president is not all that remains is to throw the towel, perhaps at the end of the case. Emergency.

Nevertheless, it is likely that he will take advantage of the weakness of the Commission to obtain the best possible conditions in Italy’s favor. In fact, German imperfections were eliminated Defaming institutions social communication. Even in the face of such a dangerous failure, one cannot assume responsibility, so what credibility can Brussels have towards its citizens? Who knows whether the possible resignation of the president will not lead specifically to reshaping the image of Brussels, as if to say that the European Union is not the seat of European evils, but that efficiency, effectiveness and responsibility dominate it. Von der Leyen certainly will not be able to withstand another misstep.

Draghi made his debut against the European Commission on vaccines

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