“The epidemic is over for politics, but public medicine is collapsing”

“In response to the emergence of dozens of the epidemic, which is witnessing a significant increase in injuries, the government decided to end the state of emergency, which was followed, in succession, by suspending a series of measures that are still in place absolutely necessary to deal with the “epidemic”: this is how Luca Bocchetti, regional secretary of the FIMMG division ( Italian Federation of General Practitioners) in Pisa, the alarm about the new problems and tasks that will fall upon general practitioners.

“The weight of infection actually – Puccitti comments – now weighs everything on general medicine, so the government no longer needs extraordinary measures, hospitals and resuscitation are fine. And if family doctors have been under pressure for more than two years, without any help in terms of organization and staff, no The government and the regions care.”

“Unfortunately – concluded the FIMMG Secretary – the epidemic cannot be eradicated by decree and public medicine is Beyond all endurance: If it results, as it may, and is crushed by the bureaucratic burden and care tasks, it would also be a disaster for the hospital and emergency room system. Once again we ask the Government and the Territory that GPs be immediately equipped with study personnel without whom it is impossible to continue providing essential services to citizens.”

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