The end of the election campaign: here are all the events

On Friday evening, at midnight, an electoral silence accompanies us to the polls for the scheduled local elections. Sunday 12 June.

The evening of the end of the election campaign for the League

Thursday June 9 from 7:30 pm Lostecco . Restaurant

Thursday, June 9 from 7:30 pm, closing of the evening of the election campaign Lega Salvini Piemonte in the restaurant Lostecco (Movicentro – Piazza del Palio). he will comeHonorable Mr. Andrea Giacconi, Vice-President of the Piedmont region Fabio Caruso and candidate for Mayor Maurizio Rassero.

Italexit ends its election campaign

Thursday 9 June 6 pm – Piazzale Roma

June 2022

Italexit’s End Election Campaign Party. Appointment in Piazzale Roma at 6 pm A concert is scheduled for Aldo Garrone and his orchestra.

Party in Praia for Democratic Party

Thursday June 9, 7 p.m. – Casetta UPAE at Via Ungaretti

June 2022

Varinata, wine and music entertainment: these are the ingredients for the PD’s campaign closing party. Appointment from 7 p.m. at U.PA.E. From via Ungaretti 24 B.

The Tricolor Party for the Brothers of Italy

Thursday June 9 at 19.30 – Piazza Libertà

June 2022

Conclusion also for the brothers of Italy. The comedian at Piazza Libertà at 7.30 pm Stefano Ciodaroli and Super Sirot.

CambiAMO closes at Way Assauto

Thursday, June 9, 9 p.m. – Circolo Remo Duvano (Circulo y Asoto)

June 2022

Thursday, June 9, starting at 9 p.m., at Circolo Remo Dovano (Circolo WayAssauto) in Corso Pietro Chiesa, the final party for the electoral campaign of the List will be held CambiAMO Asti- Angela Quaglia with Mayor Crivelli.
The evening, enlivened by the music of David Mauro, will be an opportunity to welcome friends and supporters and remember the voting procedures for Sunday 12 June. There will be a toast with mayoral candidate from the coalition Astinsieme Paolo Crivelli.

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Music, art and…. The clamor for the United States is possible

Thursday 9 June 7 pm – Casa del Popolo

June 2022

United, the campaign can be closed in Casa del Popolo: from 7 pm Cecilia.delpianetaterra party, then dinner and work in progress.

Asti is now closed in the theater bar

Friday at 6 pm in the theater bar

An aperitif with supporters and candidates for the Oggi Asti slate in support of Salvatore Pugliese. Friday appointment at 6 pm in the theater bar.

Work ends in the garden of resistance

Friday June 10 at 29 – Resistance Garden

June 2022

Action + Europeto support Mayor Marco DimariaClose the election campaign in the arena of resistance.

The electoral campaign for Maurizio Raserio’s coalition has ended

Friday 10 June at 7 pm in Piazza Alfieri

Friday evening from 7 pm in the Ferry Square Close the electoral campaign of the entire coalition in support of Maurizio Rassiero. Typical products will be distributed in seven platforms that will be located in the pedestrian zone.

Astinsieme is closed in Piazzale Roma

Friday 10 June at 8 pm in Piazzale Roma

June 2022

Fifth.On June 10 in Piazzale Roma, from 20 to 24, the closing party of the election campaign of the Astensim coalition will be held in favor of Paolo Crivelli, Mayor of Asti. Live music, agnolotti, good wine and a lot of music: DJ Empa, Andrea DJ, DJ Michi, vocalist Albi Linsa. Turin Mayor Stefano Lo Russo will speak at the party:Paolo Crivelli in February began presenting the project to Asti, with the participation of the Astinsieme Alliance. Social media were also useful channels for speaking to citizens; Many videos Shared on Facebook and Instagram by Paolo Crivelli, always in his mild, rational style. there Online discussion never screams, but it always turns out to be profitable. Coalition work has been tiring but exciting with the election campaign closed Worth a moment to celebrate

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