The email that terrifies everyone

Many Italians these days happen to receive an email from the revenue agency which is causing a lot of trouble


receive a call fromrevenue agency It scares all Italians, regardless of the content of the message itself. This happens because, in general, mail or pec From Inland Revenue has no good news at all.

And this is precisely at the expense of the Revenue Agency and the Italians cyber criminals They came with one Forgery Very unique which causes many victims to fall into the trap. Let’s see what the new scam consists of.

Revenue Agency Scam: How to Identify It


The new scam spread by cybercriminals is an attempt at phishing Which moves through the PEC fund for Italians. Using the name of the revenue agency, cybercriminals push users to Download malicious attachments contained in an email that was made to register the scam.

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The attached file for download is a file PDF His name is a string of numbers and a text file that has been renamed “infoProtocollo.txt”. Once you open a PDF they get rid of it Serious malware, able to steal everything I ampersonal information. In fact, to access the file, the file digital company It’s a pity. The goal of the scam, of course, is to gain access to the victim’s online bank account steal more money possible.

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Learning about this scam is very easy: it is actually enough Check address The one it was sent from, if it’s fake, is different from the one normally used by the revenue agency. In fact, the official address is usually “ [email protected]” or “ [email protected]”.

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the address Email false It is instead identified by The absence of two letters, “gt”: “Dc.l [email protected]”. The advice we can give is to never open files attached to emails without first checking that the sender’s address is the official one.

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