The Elder Scrolls Online Has 18 Million Players, 3 Million More In 2020 –

Part of the information shared during a recent Microsoft and Bethesda roundtable, which may have escaped the most, is the point. Number of Players That was reached before Sheikh Scrolls online: 18 million. To unveil the director of ZeniMax Online Studios, Matt Feuer, who talks about how in 2020 alone MMORPG from the Bethesda main series will have 3 million new players. Not bad given the initial failure of the game, which caused fear of the worst, as Fior himself admits.

However, Aaron Greenberg, General Manager Xbox Games Marketing, celebrated theMedia From Zenimax Online as the number 1 RPG online in the world, it is arguably second only to World of Warcraft with a comprehensive following. It is therefore a great value purchase for a wallet Xbox Game Studios, Plus one of the most profitable among those already active games Xbox lost.

The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t the only title in the re-launched Bethesda package. The same Fallout 76 had a whirlwind start, only to be recovered in the race thanks to Phil Spencer’s advice.

The Elder Scrolls Online: A work of art for the United Nations

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