The dystopia of telepathically guided robotic dogs has become a reality

Remote controlled robot dogs: It's not a fantasy, it's actually happening in Australia

Recently, the Australian military usedteleportationto lead robot dogs on simulated patrol. The military personnel wore an off-the-shelf pair of hybrid reality headsets with a dedicated AI decoder capable of capturing brain waves and translating them into useful commands. The latter was built using a low-cost computer.

This aspect is what distinguishes this solution from other i technologiesBrain-machine interface Using invasive brain implants, such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink, or medical devices that can help patients who have lost the ability to speak.

System “electronic telepathy“An example of how brain-computer interface technology is evolving and can lead to significant changes in many areas. Often, and unfortunately, the first job is almost always in the military.

In a video he postedAustralian ArmyWe see a soldier directing telepathically. Robot Vision 60 ghost On all fours in an open field. The officer chose destinations for the robot just by thinking about it.

After that test, the Army ran a second set of challenges in which a soldier used brain signals to direct the same robot that was helping human soldiers clear a series of buildings.

What once belonged in the realm of science fiction now seems completely real. And we watched closely in the video below this thing is very annoying.


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