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he is Countdown to Expo Dubai, The first global exhibition in the Middle East, scheduled to take place from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. To unveil the mega event, in a dedicated webinar, event organizers supported by DrTourism in Dubai e By the airline UAE.

Strong than one Vaccination campaign That made it possible to actually administer nearly 9 million doses, making the UAE the second most vaccinated country in the world after Israel, it is said that Dubai Ready To welcome Visitors from all over the world. Restaurants, bars and most meeting spaces are already open, and efforts to track and screen are continuing, in parallel with vaccination, to prevent infection and ensure safety. Scenario Expo confirms it is a golden opportunity to resume travel.

As for event logistics, nothing is up to chance: a counter has the capacity to transport Up to 44,000 people per hour, 30,000 parking spacesAnd both the bus services within the area and the shuttle, as well as to and from the airport, which is about 45 minutes from the exhibition site.

With 192 participating countries And a panel of More than 60 events Live the day, the Expo will be immersed in global culture and new technologies, with an emphasis on finding innovative solutions for a better future.

The main theme of the exhibition is, in fact, “Connecting minds, creating the future”In addition to the three sub-themes, “Opportunity,” “Mobility,” and “Sustainability,” which will be developed in different ways by individual countries and in different wings, with special attention.entertainment And for Ease of use experience.

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From the ground to the Italian Pavilion. Symbolically in this sense, Terra, one of Three thematic wings, Entirely dedicated to sustainability, which allows a visitor to take an excursion between Ecosystems in the World, Touches upon the consequences of one’s choices and actions: from the hidden beauty of the underwater world, to those forests, thanks to an interactive walk between plant roots.

Instead, it will be inspired by the connecting roads of the Mediterranean Italy Pavilion, Which will showcase the skills, products and innovations of Italian companies and societies, while highlighting their best practices in sectors such as the circular economy and sustainability.

Bespoke itineraries. To better orientate yourself in the wide area of ​​the event and in the various displays of events, some Paths Designed according to the visitors’ needs, both in terms of time and interest. The basics of the exhibitionFor example, it is a day tour that allows you to identify major attractions, including experiences Gamification And augmented reality.

The ultimate resilience of the UAE. The offer is also wide for tour operators and organized groups. Daniel De Rosa, Leisure Sales Manager in Italy UAE, The carrier’s first partner in Expo and the official airline, confirms how “to allow tour operators and visitors to plan their visit to Dubai and the event with greater confidence, the company has implemented a specific policy for Covid 19, which provides Greater flexibility in exchanges and refunds».

In addition to the ability to use tickets within 760 days of the original issue, Emirates Airlines has also “extended the usability up to 1,125 days for all tickets issued by March 31, 2022, thus approximately 3 years and one month”. De Rosa adds that many tour operators are already focusing too much on Dubai. Many of them included Expo in the packages, even for groups, taking advantage of the fact that it could easily be feasible as a stopover. ”

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Flying the future on the scene. Emirates Airlines will be present at the event with its own dedicated wing The future of commercial aviation. Once again, technology and entertainment are at the heart of the experience. Rodrigo SokolThe company’s sales manager said, “It will be possible to have a future experience on a plane, discover developments that will allow us to reduce emissions, and try to look together towards tomorrow.”

It was also announced that the flight would be resumed Venice – Dubai In July, there will also be an increase in frequencies on the road to Bologna.

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