The driver’s license exam is tried 192 times and is always rejected: it’s a European record

Not all of those who log in Driving schoolHe passed the licensing exam on the first try. There are those who miss theoretical questions, those who get to the practical exam and fail to drive properly. There are those who try the exam several times before obtaining the required B license. But few of them will be able to cope Record From Piotrkov TrybunalskiA Polish gentleman, he was Refused 192 times.

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17 years of trying and spending 1,300 euros

Tripunalsky In fact, he’s been trying to get his driver’s license for 17 years, During that He spent an amount like 1,300 Euros to pay various taxes To take the exam. The fact that the protagonist helped this story In Poland, there is no limit to the times a person can take a driving test. What is for sure is that turning down 192 times should make the good Trybunalski begin to ask himself some questions about his true driving skills.

Failed 950 times

So Trybunalski became, well, The poorest motorist in Europe, Where he broke the previous record of attempts, established in January 2021 by a 40-year-old Englishman “paused” in 158 tests. Multiply the World recordIt is, however, almost impossible. Legend has it In fact That in 2009, in South Korea, a woman managed to obtain a driver’s license B after taking the exam 950 times. A character that we honestly hope is just a myth. In the meantime, we wish poor Trybunalski our best wishes.

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