The dog disappears under the foam that floods the shore. Video »

Severe weather in Australia: The dog disappears under the foam submerging the beach. Video

Stage of Bad weather Continued from the whipAustralia. For several days, the extremely low, deep pressure brought torrential rains, strong winds and turbulent seas.

A few days ago at the tourist beach Byron BayOne of the most famous beaches located precisely on the east coast of Australia, particularly adverse weather conditions have led to the formation of a strange but amazing phenomenon, and certainly not very common: the wave of extremely thick foam that covered many beaches in the area immediately attracts many families with children They did not hesitate to have fun.

But not everything was fun. A day of Monday, December 14thWhile the meteorologist was connected to the channel 7NEWSDetermined to explain the phenomenon, we heard the screams of a woman who was trying to recover her screams cane Dipped in foam. Thankfully, the story went well, in fact, after a few moments the lady was able to recover the dog he was holding in her arms, as evidenced by the video.

To give more information about this phenomenon, a university professor, James CookMeet him later ReutersBritish News Agency. The expert reassured everyone by saying that the event originated mainly from a natural cycle: more precisely, a milky foam was created by
Degradation of organic matter present in sea waterThat changed due to extreme weather conditions.

A very similar situation happened a few years ago in Great Britain, again due to gale winds.

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