The doctor who abused Italians during the pandemic risks bankruptcy

Jun 02, 2021 2:06 pm

It was March 13th when Christian Jessen was Offended, in a complete pandemic, the Italians. The doctor and TV presenter got articles in many British and Italian newspapers for his statement that leaves no room for interpretation: “It might be a bit racist to say, ‘You should excuse me, but doesn’t that sound like an excuse?’ The Italians, for whatever reason, are ready to stop everything. And stop working, until they allow themselves a long nap.”independentAnd the The doctor claimed that there are many annoyance: “I really think it’s just a bad cold and people worry too much.”

The doctor watched the media coverage of his statements and was forced to apologize, but it was too late.

The doctor who abused the Italians is now risking bankruptcy

Mosul is now in great economic difficulty and has spoken for itself with the decision to seek crowdfunding help. Another statement, written in a tweet in 2019, addressed to the outgoing Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, puts him in this difficult position. A very serious allegation, regarding an extramarital affair, ended up in court and he was subsequently sentenced to pay 125 thousand pounds (about 150 thousand euros) to Foster. However, Christian Jessen stated that he did not have the required amount: “So I ask you to help me pay this debt.” On GoFundMe, Jessen also explained that the sentence came out even though her mental health isn’t perfect, on the site we read: “The past year, or so, has been very difficult for me because I’ve had some serious health issues. Knowing that you have your support is something that’s been a big deal. Very encouraging” (The past year or so has been very difficult for me as I have struggled with some serious mental health issues and knowing I am getting your support is very encouraging and underscores that. I am very grateful).

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