The Division 2: Video Comparison of a Digital Foundry on PS5 An unexpected disaster

Digital foundry Analyze the correction of the next generation of Section 2 at Video comparison For Xbox Series X and PS5. What are the results? Simply put, the Xbox Series X is better, but also due to a number of release issues PS5 That make it An unexpected disaster. Let’s see the details.

First of all, it was confirmed by comparing the Digital Foundry video that The Division 2 aims, albeit in an altered way, to 60 frames per second on all three next-generation devices. On the PS5, the game is more stable, in second place we find the Xbox Series S and finally the Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s hardware loses some frames due to the presence of multiple transparency effects active on the screen.

On Xbox Series X, The Division 2 takes advantage of the increased power of Microsoft’s console to achieve between 1800p – 2160p resolution. The Xbox Series S remains, as you’d expect, between 900p and 1080p. PS5 A wider range, with 1080p minimum and maximum 1890p. Graphically, the Xbox Series X doesn’t go far than the Xbox One X, but the improved SSD and CPU allow for better bottom-up handling, with minimal popups to a certain distance. On the PS5, all this is absent, Digital Foundry reveals through its video comparison.

More, On the PS5, The Division 2 is a step back from even the PS4 Pro release. Sony’s next-generation console also lacks volumetric light (even indoors), airflow, and fog and smoke effects. It also misses some of the reflections that were present on the PS4 Pro, which have been replaced by very simple and static effects. Moreover, I am Download times It’s lower than the Xbox Series X | S, which is a surprise to Digital Foundry that usually sees winning results for a Sony console.

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In all honesty, there is no other way to define an unforeseen disaster situation. Did Ubisoft really release a new version of the PS5 patch that makes the game worse? Digital Foundry also assumes this is a bug and that Some bugs created problems. For now, the game is also shown in the video comparison.

While awaiting Ubisoft’s clarification, we’re noting Ubisoft Massive’s new Star Wars game at the start of development.

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