The Division 2 on PS5, Some Graphics Issues Will Be Solved Tomorrow –

Section 2 You will get tomorrow Update This will require a temporary shutdown of online systems and will also allow Ubisoft to release a patch-specific version PS5 Able to correct Graphic problem From a volumetric fog.

To tell the truth, this is just one of the problems that were discovered in the PS5 version of The Division, which as we have also seen from the recent technical analysis looks like some kind of unexpected disaster, but it is a start, waiting for more corrections that can arrive at a later time.

As stated in the official Twitter message, The Division 2 servers will come It is turned off for maintenance Tomorrow, February 16, 2021, From 10:30 in Italian (approx) for server-side updates to be applied, but that would also provide an opportunity to release a specific patch for PS5, apparently.

Offline time is expected to last 3 hours, and will also include an amendment to Volumetric fog Missing on PS5 “, reads Ubisoft’s tweet. Honestly, volumetric fog doesn’t seem to be the only problem with the PS5 version of the game, so other fixes will likely arrive later, but in the meantime it’s still a fix in the right sense, waiting to see results .

Incidentally, Ubisoft recently announced that The Division 2 will receive new content in 2021, so long-term support from the publisher is expected.

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