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Leaves managing director Francesco Berti Amadori. In his place, Denis Amadori, current President of Gesco, will assume the operational leadership of the company: which thus reverts to the hands of the family of founder Francesco Amadori. In the coming days, the board will approve new governance and a new organizational structure. The decision was announced in a memorandum in which it was specified that, after a decade of intense joint work and mutual satisfaction, Amadori and Francesco Berti considered by mutual agreement the long process of fruitful cooperation which had been completed.


Within the agri-food giant of Romania, Bertie has built a full career. After taking over as Chief Financial Officer, he was General Manager and finally Chief Executive Officer. The memorandum states that it accompanied and supported the strategic choices of shareholders in pursuing goals associated with a progressive and strong growth path for the company. After reaching the end of a difficult corporate cycle, new needs and new professional challenges arose for both the long-term owner and manager.

The case of Francesca Amadori

It is not the first time that Cesena’s group departure has attracted media attention. In 2022, the expulsion of Francesca Amadori, granddaughter of the founder Francesco and daughter of Flavio, head of the agri-food group who was responsible for communication, causes a sensation. Bertie himself explained the dynamics of the case. Dismissal of Francesca Amadori? He simply has not come to work since December, nor has he worked face to face or remotely and we have therefore acted accordingly for non-compliance with the National Employment Contract. Then it ended up in court with Francesca Amadori who decided to sue her grandfather’s company, considering the dismissal unfair and illegal. The first hearing of the case will take place in the Forel Court on December 13.

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