The direction of the game has always been confusing in Redfall, says Jason Schreyer

there direction to Redfall It could have been Confused From the very beginning, with the directors, Harvey Smith and Riccardo Bari, who had no clear ideas about what to do with the game. That’s what emerges from Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreyer’s report, which reconstructs the grueling treatment of Austin’s last headline, arguably one of the worst of the year in the triple-A field.

Schreyer tells how the staff didn’t want to make a multiplayer game, but also how Smith and Barry were unable to provide an accurate picture of the team, despite their initial enthusiasm. Some of the testimonials collected by Schreier, who wished to remain anonymous, speak to the frustration caused by constant changes to reference titles, such as Far Cry and Borderlands, with different departments having different ideas of what was being done.

“During development, the tension between multiplayer and single-player design was not resolved,” we can read in the article. Smith and Barry declined to comment on Schreyer’s report.

It should also be noted that the numerous defections and the already small number of staff made game development complicated. Redfall was created by a team of a hundred people, which is very few people to create an online title that could compete with many Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, developed by several hundred people.

Furthermore, Zenimax appears to have struggled to find alternatives, as it is well known in the sector for its lower salaries than the average of the big publishers.

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