The different faces of the Suzuki Jimny modified by ESB – Tests and news

Two completely different styles of modifications but from the same tuner show the potential of the Suzuki Jimny. In fact, the small Japanese off-road vehicle has proven once again to be the perfect basis for various types of modifications, in this case it has been signed by ESB, with its wide range of accessories designed for Jimny and bundled in two different packages, Lst and Lst-Up.

Both Osaka tuner kits benefit from a different grille to give the car a more aggressive look, as well as white painted alloy wheels, a large spoiler and a custom-designed exhaust. However, the most significant difference between the two sets is the ride height and suspension: the Lst has 40-90mm lowering springs, while the Lst-Up instead has a 76mm lift kit. The tires are different from Lst, namely Nankang 195/50R16 Slicks for Lst-Up and Maxis 245/70R16, more suitable for off-road use.
The different orientation of the two mod sets is also evident from other aesthetic features. The Lst has deeper, sportier-looking fenders that are connected to the wide fenders via add-ons. Meanwhile, the Lst-Up features slimmer off-road fenders that show off much of the suspension and tires, along with contoured fenders. This setting was chosen to allow the larger diameter tires to steer without touching the bodywork, and to improve cornering off-road in conjunction with raising the suspension.

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