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Development studio Lost Lore explained how it did it Save $70,000 Utilization Medjourneyadopts image creation technologyArtificial intelligence. Founder Eugene Ketkin recounted the experience. Midjourney was used to make the game’s artwork Perverse.

For three weeks, Vlad Martiniuk, the game’s art director, conducted research and development with Midjourney, with Results According to the amazing Kitkin. Martyniuk basically fed Midjourney a reference image, then quickly polished the results.

the final images It was far from perfect and naturally needed many improvements as well as revision by a human designer. But the AI’s help was literally invaluable, saving studio artists a lot of work.

Kitkin: “The AI ​​can’t create the map you’ll use in the game, but it will give you the item design, the modes, and the content; really important parts. Especially in brawlers, where there’s no interaction with locations.”

Bearverse concepts are designed with artificial intelligence as a basis

Kitkin estimates that using AI can improve the mobile game development process 10x: “One person capable of AI guidance can produce object images, inventory, icons, and the Take Bearverse for an example: It took Vlad Martiniuk , our art director, took less than a week to create and refine 17 character designs, as well as various UI elements. Previously, creating a character required a minimum of 16 hours, or two full days of work, or 34 full working days for the concept art of seventeen characters, The process required the assistance of many specialists.

Basically, after crunching the numbers, we came to the conclusion that using AI reduces costs by 10-15 times, with comparable results.”

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Faced with these numbers, it is clear to understand why many studies see the use of artificial intelligence in video game development as inevitable.

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