The developer claims to have contacted Konami, the publisher of Silent Hill –

Hassan Kahraman, Team Leader UninhabitedHe said he called KonamiSilent Hill publisher, Silent Hill, apologizes for the chaos that surrounded the game and asserts that it was not his intention to convince them that deserted was in fact Silent Hill.

Talk to Reporter Colin Moriarty on PlayStation Sacred Symbols + podcast (available for a fee, transcribed by VGC), Hassan Kahraman He claimed to have reached out to the Japanese publisher following speculation that the deserted was linked to the Japanese horror franchise. Specifically, he said, “I called them, I got nervous because people thought it was Silent Hill. It got out of hand, and you know, you’re a small developer, you don’t have a big audience, you’re inexperienced. I called Konami, ‘Hey, you know'” What, that was never my intention “and they were so kind.”

No Images Abandoned: This is from a technical demo and does not represent the game

It is reported that Hassan Kahraman had to appear in front of the cameras in June 2021 to expose the idea that the game was a work Hideo Kojima. Deserted, however, it disappeared from the radar and the show was repeatedly postponed.

In addition, the tweets about the game were recently deleted, but Kahraman confirmed that the deserter is alive and well, but the reveal and the introduction were postponed again.

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