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Porsche 911 and dacia duster. Perhaps two opposite poles will not be able to attract you. However, someone wanted to draw an analogy, which may seem precarious to some, between the iconic Zuffenhausen model and the powerful Roman SUV, noting that “Duster is the Dacia 911.” This is not a joke but a comparison Miles Nurnberger Wanted to do on the occasion of an interview interview. Dacia’s chief design officer, who has a long history in the ranks of Aston Martin, is certainly not the latest addition and pressing for such a comparison is not something you can do without having a clear idea of ​​what you want to stress.

During a long chat with Top Gear, Nurnberger talked about his first months at Dacia and how his experience at Aston Martin, over the 14 years during which He also supervised the design of DBX and ValkyrieHowever, we were able to pass on some concepts and methodologies that will allow the Renault brand to grow even more. But going back to the precarious comparison, it all stems from a question to Dacia’s creative director about why he decided to choose this brand. “Designing for the fans is also fun because you see your cars on the street, you see them used and you can have one yourself. Obviously, it was much more difficult at Aston.” – Norberger explained – My father lives in the French Pyrenees. He has lived there for a long time, since before Dacia arrived in England. I used to see cars when I was there and I always thought they were really cool. They have a basic nature to them and that’s the real outdoors.”

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At this point, Dacia’s design chief wanted to focus on Duster and how This model represents the essence of the brand: “I think you can see how the brand has evolved. For me, it’s all about the Duster. That car really changed the image of the wheel. That would be a great sentence: The Duster is the 911 for Dacia. Spirit, accessibility, durability: it’s all about Dacia is present and fully inflated in the duster.” How to blame it: If you close your eyes and think of a Porsche, the first image that comes true is the 911, an authentic symbol of the Stuttgart brand. The same goes for Dacia, who is universally known as Duster.

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