The cyber attack, also hit a sweat, which in any case speaks of “limited inefficiency”. Among the potential victims are other companies

Sweat group has recorded ‘some limited groups It harms the information and communication technology infrastructure (information and communication technology, so), is currently in the process of being resolved, thanks to the immediate activation of the Internal Cyber ​​Security ProceduresThe group announced that “regarding what was reported in the press today about hacker attacks on institutions and companies.” In the press release, “the company confirms that All systems are working properly And it has not experienced any interruption, ensuring business operations.” The company is the first to make it public albeit partially Involvement in the same attack that led to the deterioration of services in the Lazio region.

The matrix will actually be the same, as the virus goes through engineering, a large Italian IT security services company on the Internet backed by institutions and companies, from here it spreads to different clients. At these hours, the names of the pharmaceutical group have also been placed among the potential participating companies Zamboon (which currently does not release any data on the hypothesis), from the construction group we build Who instead, call him ilFattoquotidiano.itAnd I’m not reporting any problems at the moment And the Internet company Tiscali. Wandering the web in search of prey is not one virus but at least two different albeit similar in operation: the data is encrypted and the key to decrypting it is obtained by paying a ransom. The origin of the attack is the same but Actors in action can be more than one, Because different programs and different goals make us suspicious.

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