The custom version with liquid cooling is an engineering masterpiece –

PS5 It starts to be known deeper even by depositors, but you really need to be a specialist in making one Modification With the same depth that Modding Cafè’s YouTubers, who created a system Liquid cooling Able to change the performance and appearance of a Sony controller.

Needless to say, they swept a little in relation the design Final, given that the final look of the PS5 with this hardware change is nothing short of ‘extraordinary’, but the work done on the design and technical implementation of the mod is really impressive.

The Form Suppose the PS5 base is not something that goes unnoticed, but the chassis application developed by the respective designers becomes a really crazy thing. The most important, however, is to see all the work done on the refrigeration system, which appears to be a very comprehensive and assertive process Professionals.

I am modder hanno prima Removal PS5 completely, and also disassemble several parts to allow modification, then prepared the new parts ComponentsFrom heat dispersants to fluid transfer systems, designing them through specific programs and then building them for all effects, using a mixture of plastics and minerals.

Each individual element looks so elegant and refined that it makes the building process a real sight, especially with regard to custom-made components designed specifically for this purpose. It is clear that a system light RGB and also some layer touches like the PlayStation crest-sculpted insulation grid and a kind of integrated DualSense support. Too bad that The final results Aesthetically, it is rather annoying.

In the end, everything seems to work with good heat reduction inside the PS5 but above all without relying on the fan: according to testing, temperature The water inside the cooling system is stable at 37-38 degrees after four minutes, while the inner back plate remains at 54.5 degrees after about 20 minutes of use but without using direct fans, thus remaining practical Silent.

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