“The curve goes up, complete the vaccinations as quickly as possible” –

Franco Locatelli, Scientific Technical Committee Coordinator, Shall we start over?

«This phenomenon, at the moment, is much more contained. This increase in infection is largely due to the gradual dominance of the delta variant which, due to its virulence, is estimated to be about 60% higher than the alpha variant, rapidly moving from a few percentage points to values ​​of 50–60% in some regions.”

Just the fault of the mutant strain?

Too few vaccinations for teenagers?

“Regulators, extraordinarily alert and oriented toward strict choices, have agreed to Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine from age 12 سن years, which means that the security profile has been extensively evaluated and proven. Regarding me Cases of myocarditis and pericarditis Reports of (myocarditis) are very rare. Experts considered the link to RNA vaccines “possible”, noting their inclusion among the possible side effects.

“In addition to being extremely rare, most cases are mild and often resolve on their own. Myocarditis and pericarditis are more common if you develop Covid-19, therefore, The benefits derived from vaccinations also in teens Far outweigh the minimal risk. I have no doubts about recommending vaccination even in this age group.”

The average age of the positives with us has been reduced to 31 years. Stimulant?

« Drop off average age Those who have become infected as a result of the preferential use of vaccines in the more advanced age groups, an option whose validity should be claimed. It has been a visible phenomenon for several weeks now. It is impossible not to resort to the sense of responsibility that should characterize the individual behaviors of all of us in order to contain the viral cycle as much as possible, especially in the context of Dr.Variable precursor delta. Let us not repeat the mistakes of last summer.”

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In London, spectators without a mask at Wembley and Wimbledon, while Japan closes the Olympic Games to the public. Who does the best?

The spread of the virus around the world remains high. I think it is appropriate to make wise choices to limit the spread of the virus in potentially crowded contexts. This is why it is so important Keep using masks even in crowded places. In this perspective, choose japan, Even considering that athletes from all over the world will be flocking to the Olympic Village, I think I have a clear reason.”

Isn’t it England?

“Now the numbers do not support what was observed in England (Who is the decision to reopen), recognizing that hospitalizations and deaths even in this context are much lower than they have been in the past thanks to the fact that vaccinations make a huge difference. Positively “.

“Such choices are the exclusive responsibility of health institutions, which, based on scientific evidence, will decide whether and when a third dose is needed. Let’s not confuse roles. The situation may be different for people with a deficient immune response: although Skepticism of some colleagues in immunology, there is clear data indicating how this can happen, for example, in Who has undergone a solid organ transplant? A third dose can improve protection.”

Vaccines, infections and variants: the latest news

How will the school recover?

Let’s start with a necessary note for me: As President Draghi clearly emphasized in April, we must protect educational activity in existence as much as possible. The way to do this is to complete a path vaccination of school workersWho is the Read the interview with Minister Bianchi). Districts with the lowest vaccination percentages among school and university staff should make up for this gap by catching up with the most virtuous. It will then be necessary to carry out the vaccination campaign quickly, at best by the end of September, even in students over 12 years of age. Parents need to trust science. The more effective we are with administering vaccines in the world of schools and universities, the greater the space to avoid restrictive measures.”

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